Working with Victims

Providing care and support to
victims is of the utmost importance to Lancashire Probation Trust and we employ a dedicated team of victim liaison officers who will contact all victims, survivors and next of kin of serious sexual and violent criminal offences where the offender has been sentenced to 12 months or more imprisonment.

Our officers provide a sympathetic approach when making contact with a victim of crime. The contact will initially be by letter and will offer the victim a face to face appointment time at their home address. It will also explain the victim's right to decline contact and the right to change their mind and decide to take up contact at a later date.

At the interview the Victim Liaison Officer will:

  • Explain the rights of the individual and the information they can provide to the Criminal Justice process.
  • Respond to the strong emotions which the victim has about the offence, sentence, and court process.
  • Provide information about the sentencing process, for example, the type of sentence, prison category A-D, sentence length and key dates of sentence.
  • Provide information about the likely timescale for considering release on licence or temporary licence
  • Provide general information about the custodial process for the offender and supervision after release
  • Explain the individual's right to confidentiality.
  • Assess the risk of re-victimisation.
  • Seek to obtain views for inclusion in the preparation of parole reports
  • Offer the opportunity of being contacted at stages when the offender is in custody and for having a say about the arrangements for release from prison.

In addition to the above in Lifer cases, the Victim Liaison Officer will:

  • Inform of the Tariff / Minimum sentence.
  • Inform of Reviews.
The Victim Liaison Unit maintains contact and is available to any requests for information during the sentence period. Repeat contact will be arranged as and when required.
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